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Everyone loves a parade except a mascot, with MascotSuper  this will be indicated

Costume is the distinctive style of dress of an individual or group that reflects their class, gender, profession, ethnicity, nationality, activity or epoch.

The term also was traditionally used to describe typical appropriate clothing for certain activities, such as riding costume, swimming costume, dance costume, mascot costume and evening costume. Appropriate and acceptable costume is subject to changes in fashion and local cultural norms.

Parade mascots are those cute characters that we see at community parades.

MascotSuper costumes has parade mascots that are suitable for most community events. These can be bought from the mascot catalog that you will find on their website. 

A parade mascot will definitely make the little ones smile. Parents, grandparents, caregivers, and children will come to recognize and love seeing your parade mascot in the next community event.

My favorite costume


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